New for 2020!

We had a busy 2019 with the final few pieces being put in place for the new Main Hall kitchen with the fitting of a commercial dishwasher, allowing users to “wash up” in a matter of minutes and easy instructions for use being available.

We are now looking at our next major project which will be to improve the toilet facilities in the Main Hall – more here as this progresses but if you have any expertise or support you can offer in this area we would appreciate any assistance in delivering these important changes.

We have worked hard to deliver some great improvements to the Hall, most noticeably the installation of lighting in our car park installed by our Home Team making the outside safer and easier to use during the dark nights of winter.

Our volunteers work hard throughout the year to make sure the Hall is kept as a valuable community facility and our Home Team carry out a wide range of maintenance all year round, including the task of regularly polishing the Main Hall floor, and saving us significant amounts of money in having to bring in outside contractors – thank you Paul, Brian and John!

February 2020