Future developments

We have a number of exciting plans for the Hall we will be working on and we will add more details soon…..

A key development we are focusing on is the Kitchen Refurbishment Project.  The kitchen that serves our Main Hall is the original one fitted over 30 years ago and in that 30 years, it has supported the daily under fives playgroup, countless parties and birthdays, discos and community events as well as all of our regular hall user groups.

So we have decided it is time to retire our current facility and update it with new units and equipment that meets the modern needs of all the community groups that use the Hall.  The work will be taking place throughout August meaning the Main Hall will be out of use during that time.  A number of our volunteers spent time clearing out the old kitchen ready for the main work to begin but there are still some items we need to finance to get it properly equiped:

Goodbye and farewell:
Old kitchen

This is a substantial financial investment in a highly utilised community facility and one where we need all the support we can get.  If you are able to provide us with any help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

July 2018